About us

CORI’s Mission:

The problem is clear. Currently, Minnesota lacks many needed services to address substance abuse and dependence in our families and communities. The solution, however, is also clear: adequate funding for prevention, treatment, and public safety. The challenge is building an effective grassroots, community-based coalition to build awareness and support for comprehensive policy changes resulting in significant improvements in the lives of our chemically dependent loved ones.

CORI’s mission is to reduce the harm caused by chemical dependency (alcoholism, drug addiction and related disorders) in our families, communities and state with an emphasis on families, homelessness and the criminal justice system by:

  • Providing the general public and interested citizens with information related to chemical dependency and improvements in treatment,
  • Providing forums for interacting among professionals and interested citizens to discuss ways to improve services and current developments relating to treatment and recovery,
  • Engaging in educational events and forums to educate the public on issues concerning the effects of alcohol and drug use, with an emphasis on adolescents and young adults.

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